Monday, September 24, 2012

Nauvoo, Illinois

 This year we also went on a trip with the youth from our church to Nauvoo, Illinois.  If you are not familiar with Mormon history.  It was a place were Mormons settled for a time and became the second most populous city while the Mormons were there.  They even built a temple.  Once Joseph Smith died the Mormon pioneers were pushed out west.  The temple was then burned by those opposed to the Mormons.  The Nauvoo Temple was reconstructed about 10 years ago and the stone that they used actually came from a quarry in our small town in Alabama.  The original stone quarry is under water.  We felt that this was a chance for the youth to learn a little more about the Mormon pioneers, but then also see the temple that has stone from our city. 

Cali LOVED the pink and purple flowers.

Cali and her cousin Maya

Ian's picture of some of the detail on the temple

The youth that went.

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