Saturday, July 19, 2008

Dutch oven cookin'

The fire pit finally got put to use after sitting there in the back yard dormant for months. We were able to procure a charcoal chimney recently (that's the metal cylinder sitting on the stones in the picture below) and that was the last crucial ingredient to simplify preparations. We are currently scouting out myriad recipes in order to take full advantage of our new cooking method. Our previous dutch oven experiences have come solely from camping with my brother and sister-in-law and we would always use it to make some yummy dessert. It's kind of nice to use it for a main course and since the charcoal chimney heats up the charcoal so quickly it really makes cooking as simple as piling a bunch of ingredients into the thing and then just rotating it every so often. Now if we could just cut down on the mosquitoes we might could sit outside on the swing and enjoy the cooking.


Anonymous said...

Find yourselves an old galvanised garbage can lid. Brak off the handle and give it a good stomp to flatten it out abit. Then set this on the bottom of your fire pit. Helps with the heat distribution and keeps your D.O. cleaner. Not trying to spm ya but here are some pictures of how I do it:
Keep on cooking!!!

R. Mansfield said...

I've just linked to your post in our newest "Cast Iron Around the Web" feature at

Wayne said...

Thanks! We had no idea there was such an online community for dutch ovens and such. We'll be on the look-out for more tips and advice!

R. Mansfield said...

Yes, I think cooking in cast iron is really growing. Feel free to come check us out as often as you can.