Tuesday, December 03, 2013

That's what Pharaoh said...

It was really foggy this morning and since Bruce has frogs on the brain he proceeded to say, "It's really froggy outside!" We can only assume that is what Pharaoh said when he saw a plague of frogs.

Monday, August 19, 2013

I don't understand vandals

Things have really gone downhill this year at the local city park. I know that teenagers will hang out late at playgrounds (I did it), but it seems no one in the community cares that the thousands of dollars put in to the park is getting ruined. Those in charge of cleaning the park only come intermittently and they may pick up the trash and clean the toilets, but that's about it (that I've seen). While it is funny to see who "wuz here"  and the relationships that one girl has had I really don't want to know. The graffiti has gotten even worse cause no one will clean in up. Fires have been set under trash cans and after three months the only thing "fixed" was that they replaces the can and left the burned wood there. I guess I feel like if the city put money in to build it they should do some upkeep every once in a while. All the wood fence posts are rotting or falling over the fountains in the pond aren't working so it is a haven for algae and mosquitoe, the dock is unsafe for young children (slats are missing) and several of the aluminum picnic tables are so bent so noone can use them.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Who needs a gall bladder?

Around the middle of April I thought I was having a real bad bout of acid reflux.  Well, that was not the case.  Actually, I have had gall bladder attacks all this time.  It was causing so many problems that we were told it needed to come out.  (Although I do have to say that the weight loss was kind of nice that week.) So a week before our beach trip I had my gall bladder taken out. The surgery took a little longer than anticipated because my gall bladder had a couple of extra blood vessels that had to cut and closed off then the stone in the bladder was HUGE and the opening that they were pulling it out of needed to be cut a little bigger.

I was really worried that I'd have some food aversion because of how my body would process the food, but I've not had any issues and can eat pretty much anything I want, but my doctor did say to keep with a low-fat diet because gall stones can still develop in the bile duct and if a stone gets to the pancreas it can cause a lot of issues.  So this is totally good for me so that I can keep the weight off that I have lost so far
Right before surgery.

A little down time

At the beginning of May we went to the beach with Wayne's brother and his family and some friends.  It was supposed to be beautiful until a few days before and then this system moved in that just stayed over where we were staying.  It was a good thing we rented a condo and had access to an indoor pool.  The kids loved it.  There were only a couple of afternoons where we made it to the beach in bathing suits.  The rest of the time it was too cold/windy.  There were a couple days that they put out red and purple flags...so no one really should have been in the water those days. I had to sit/stand on the beach or next to the pool because I was told not to be submerged in water because of my stitches. 

Still the kids got to see lots of sea creatures.  One night they went out to try and find some crabs, but it was too windy.  On our last day there we saw quite a few creatures.  The birds finally came out and walked the shore and the kids even got pretty close to some dolphins while they were boogie boarding.  We also caught clams and hermit crabs. And what beach trip isn't complete without lots and lots of sea shells.

Bruce was intrigued by the sand and waves.

This was our first day at the beach...look at those waves and dark clouds

At the Naval Air Museum an hour east of where we were was nice. Cali, Bruce, their friend Alan, and Ian

The kids getting eaten by a shark airplane.

Brandt, Ian and Bruce

A crab that Alan's Dad caught with a collander...the running joke was that he could catch any sea creature with it.

Bruce loved playing with his new baby cousin, Hunter.

Bruce...destroyer of all sand castles.

Two front teeth

Cali has a new smile both were pulled out within a day of each other.  The permanent teeth are already peeking through.

Color Me Rad

My sister-in-law mentioned to me that she was thinking about doing a 5k.  I wasn't too crazy about the idea until she mentioned that they threw color powder at you and that it was a pretty laid back run that you could do with kids.  I had to wait until I got clearance from my doctor since I just had gall bladder surgery.  (Sorry if you are just hearing about this...it was a fairly minor surgery and I will save the story for later.)

Well the kids and I decided that we would do the race with my sister-in-law and her son.  Then I told a friend about it and she wanted to do it with her son (who also was in Cali's kindergarten class).  So we had a good little group.

In our race packets we got some awesome '80s style sunglasses and some color bombs although we didn't get a chance to grab them before we ran.  We all had a lot of fun and Cali really impressed me.  She ran almost half of the 5K.  My friend and her son stayed with her while I had to push Ian to run for 50 ft. at a time.  He kept complaining and then he avoided the whole color bomb stations by trying to run around them.  That was the whole fun of it.  Oh well.  Maybe next time we will be a little more in shape and have a little more fun with the run.

Before the race...
Cali, Me, and Ian

Landon, Gina, Cali, Me, Brandt, Ian with our Rad Sunglasses

Rheanna and Brandt

After the race...so much fun

Our new building is almost complete

I know that a couple of years ago, I had mentioned that we were trying to find land for a new church building. Last year we broke ground and the building is almost finished on the outside.  We are so excited to move out of the old funeral home come Fall. I don't care if people were dying to get in there at one time.

There have been complaints from some that the brick isn't right or that it looks cheap with the white stucco stuff, but this is a lot better than the building we currently use (no mold, mice, or unfix-able leaks).  I guess really it comes down to you can't make everybody happy.